Prayer Concerns

Pray Without Ceasing


Prayer Needs:



Walter Bodine  Walter Burkhouse   Claudia Cameron

Shirley Upperman     JoAnn Loth  Chuck Jacobson

Mark Mills(now in nursing home)   Bob Cameron   Carole Renee


Friends and Family

Geraldine Liggett – friend of the neighborhood

Ginger Jacobs – Don Dougherty’s cousin

Fran Martin – friend of Jayne Jacobson

Mac Pyle – friend of the Byerlys

Mary Knight  – friend of the deacons

Kendall (Marge Schlering’s  granddaughter)

Serving in Armed Forces:

Dr. R. J. Lovich

Beth Frazee Smith

Josh Thompson

Doug and Alexis Vitale – friends of Mary O’Neil